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At Purdy's Jewellery & Gems, we provide a multitude of services such as ring and jewellery repair, watch repair, engraving, custom work and appraisals. In addition, many select pieces purchased at Purdy's are included in our complementary clean & polish warranty program.

Ring Repair

Purdy's Jewellery Services
  • Purdy's Jewellery and Gems can complete all of your ring repairs. We know your rings are precious to you so let us help you keep them at their best.
  • All rings will be examined under a microscope to better see the condition of it and to further advise you about your repairs. To better understand the condition of your rings and the required repairs, we will show you your ring on a large computer screen pointing out the areas of concern.
  • Purdy's can complete all ring repairs such as claw retipping, sizing, rhodium plating, stone tightening or replacement and re-shanking, including Finger Fit adjustable shanks. All repairs are done on the premises. Our on-site goldsmith, Doug Gardner, is exceedingly skilled at his trade with over 30 years of experience. He will complete each repair with the utmost care and precision. Doug is an expert at repairing the most challenging pieces including rings made of platinum. Depending on the repair, your ring will be ready in one to two weeks.
  • Claw Retipping: What is claw retipping? Basically, it means the replacement of worn or damaged claws (sometimes called prongs) that hold your diamonds and gemstones in place. Over time, claws will wear down leaving your stones less secure. We will retip your claws using durable karat gold tips which will last for many years. Unlike the cheaper, easier method of retipping using solder. To ensure your diamonds and gemstones are secure in their settings, have your rings checked annually or whenever you have cause for concern such as catching threads or a recent hard bump.
  • Sizing: Your rings may need resizing. Finger size will change over time or maybe you have inherited a ring that doesn’t fit. We can re-size your gold, platinum and silver rings larger or smaller. However, your hands can swell in the heat and shrink in the cold. Medication can also affect your finger size. Therefore, it is best that we size your fingers when they are the most stable.
  • Rhodium Plating: Most white gold rings are rhodium plated giving them a bright shiny finish. This plating will wear off over time. To renew their brilliant finish, we suggest having your rings re-plated every few years.
  • Stone Tightening or Replacement: Your diamonds and gemstones can come loose due to normal wear. Others stones may need to replaced if they get damaged, cracked or broken. To keep your rings looking it’s best, Purdy’s can tighten or replace your diamonds and gemstones.
  • Re-Shanking: Ring shanks will become thin after years of wear. Wearing two rings beside each other will also expedite the thinning process. Re-shanking involves having the thin shanks removed and replacing them with much heavier shanks replicating the thickness of when your rings were new.
  • Finger Fit Shanks: If arthritic knuckles are preventing you from wearing your rings, it’s time to have an adjustable Finger Fit shank installed on your ring. These specially designed shanks open up to fit over large, troublesome knuckles, then close to a perfect fit on the finger.

Jewellery Repairs

Purdy's Jewellery Services
  • Purdy's Jewellery and Gems can repair all your jewellery including pendants, earrings, chains and bracelets.
  • Pendants may need bales and jump rings built up or replaced, stones checked and tightened and the chain shortened or lengthened. We can also change your clasp to a larger one making it easier to do up. We can change the style by adding more stones or other embellishments. What about converting it into a ring?
  • Earrings often need new wires, closures and backings. We can convert screw-back earrings to pierced and vice versa. If you lose one earring, we can convert the remaining earring into a pendant or we can make a new matching earring.
  • Chains can break which will need to be soldered back together. We can also replace worn clasps, build up worn links and adjust the length.
  • Bracelets are a favourite to wear on a day to day basis, which can put stress on your piece. Purdy’s can build up worn links, remove links if too long, tighten loose stones and repair the clasps.

Custom Work

Purdy's Jewellery Services
  • Purdy's Jewellery and Gems provides custom work when you need that certain special piece. Bring us your ideas and we’ll create a drawing. Once approved by you, this one of a kind creation is ready to wear in just a few weeks.
  • We can restyle your existing rings and jewellery by adding diamonds and gemstones, by reshaping it to be more petite or by adding gold to make it bolder. We can convert your pendant into a ring or your ring into a brooch. The possibilities are endless.
  • Purdy's design team can bring new life to your existing diamonds and gemstones by remounting them into a new mount. Choose from many styles ranging from modern or contemporary to classic or vintage. We can help you redesign your bridal or anniversary rings. We also do family rings, birthstone rings and men's rings.

Watch Repair & Batteries

Purdy's Jewellery Services
  • Purdy's Jewellery and Gems provides watch repairs to most watch brands. Watches will need thorough cleaning and overhauling every 5 to 10 years. The movement is completely dismantled, cleaned and reassembled. Watch overhauls have a 1-year guarantee.
  • We can also replace stems, crowns, crystals and case gaskets.
  • Most watch repairs are completed in two to four weeks.
  • Watch batteries are done on site, in most cases, while you wait. After your case is cleaned and opened using the correct tools, your old battery is tested. The new battery is tested and then dated as all batteries we install are guaranteed for 6 months.
  • Watch bands and straps are also installed usually while you wait.


Purdy's Jewellery Services
  • Purdy's provides on-site jewellery and watch engraving which is completed in a few days.
  • Choose from a selection of fonts and styles.
  • Hand engraving is available and takes 2-3 weeks.
  • We also do commemorative and presentation engraving on plaques and trophies.

Clean & Polish Program

Purdy's Jewellery Services
  • All rings and jewellery can get dirty. Hand cream, pie dough, paint, grease; you name it we've seen it. Purdy's can professionally check, clean and polish your pieces, restoring their original shine. To achieve that "like new shine", your rings and jewellery are put through a series of cleaning and polishing stages. People often ask "How do you get my ring so shiny? They never look this good when I clean them at home". The key is in the polishing. Your polished rings and jewellery will be ready in about a week. We also offer you a "while you wait" cleaning for free.
Purdy's Complimentary Clean & Polish Warranty Program for Rings and Jewellery Purchased at Purdy's Jewellery and Gems.

  • As part of Purdy's Jewellery and Gems ongoing commitment to you, we are proud to offer you complementary clean and polish services to all diamond and/or gemstone rings and jewellery set in gold bought at Purdy’s that meet the specified criteria.
  • Our jewellery has been carefully inspected under the microscope by our qualified gemmologist giving you assurance of fine quality and lasting value. Each piece is manufactured to the highest standards and is guaranteed for a period of one year which covers the manufacturer’s setting of all diamonds and gemstones and their metal casting quality.
    The warranty program covers:
  • RINGS AND JEWELLERY $300 - $999
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty*
    • 3 year Complimentary Clean & Polish Program
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty*
    • Complementary Gem Identification Report detailing your diamond or gemstone ring or jewellery.
    • Lifetime Complementary Clean & Polish Program
  • Purdy's will clean and polish your jewellery to keep it looking shiny new and a pleasure to wear. We'll also inspect your jewellery to give you piece of mind knowing that your jewellery is in good condition giving you years of enjoyment. Once you receive your annual notice, bring your piece in and we'll have it ready in a few days.
*1-year warranty is valid only with the completion of the 6 month after-purchase inspection.


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